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Everybody has a smartdevice in their pocket.
The latest E Connect APP from EnerSys has been designed to allow simple and instant connection to our latest technology products.
No longer do you require cumbersome laptops and USB plug in tools.

The E Connect app is an EnerSys designed smart device application developed by our specialist software engineers. This app connects to our proprietary WiiQ3 & 4 data loggers and iQ / + Modular & COMpact chargers. It allows the user to easily connect, download and analyse battery and charger data through simple bluetooth connectivity. Data can be collected and viewed instantly or shared to other registered users via Cloud service. Available for iPhone or Android platforms, this app brings latest technology into the palm of your hand to assist your operation and asset management.

  • Available for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Easy wireless bluetooth connection
  • Simple user interface in the palm of your hand
  • Full data capture - Charge and Discharge, temperature, energy throughput, plug-ins, warnings & alerts
  • Secure Cloud data storage, not on phone.
  • Sychronise and share to other users or service teams
  • Export data to PC software for more in depth analysis and report generation

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Product Specification

Take a look at the following E Connect product specification:


Forklifts & Pallet Trucks

Automated Guided Vehicles

Floor Care / Cleaning Machines

Ground Support Equipment

Communication Capabilities

Wireless BLE