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Our complete battery recycling program makes it easy for you to help preserve our environment, and to protect yourself from the penalties of non-compliance. As the world's largest industrial battery company, we assume the responsibilities of leadership regarding battery recycling. 

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We do so as part of our commitment to total battery service and customer protection.

EnerSys will pick up your spent lead-acid batteries regardless of size, quantity or manufacturer. 

EnerSys exceeds the law's requirements by giving you complete recycling documentation, including Recycling Certificates. You can rest assured that you're in full compliance with all the fast-changing legal requirements.

To schedule a pickup, visit https://recycling.enersys.com

  • Schedule pick ups based on your availability and specific site operating hours
  • All shipments are processed in full compliance of state and federal regulations
  • Recycling Certificates provided
  • Program includes disposal of various battery types
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