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Technical Support

EnerSys Technical support is always there for you. We regard our customers' peace of mind at the highest level.


EnerSys takes great pride in our after sales service support. We maintain a fully staffed technical support center where you can engage one of our factory trained technical support representatives 24/7, 365 days a year. They take immense pride in their ability to solve our customers’ powering challenges. With access to our full equipment lineup, our team of experts is ready to assist you. Our support personnel will leverage other resources such as our engineering design team to ensure that your support needs are met quickly and effectively.

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Toll Free Customer Support Phone Numbers

  • Cable Broadband: +1.800.863.3364
  • Telecommunications:
    - North America: +1.888.462.7487
    - International: +1.604.436.5547
  • UPS Power: +1.888.462.7487
  • Industrial Power: +1.800.996.6104
  • Renewable Energy: +1.360.618.4363
  • DataSafe/PowerSafe/Genesis: +1.800.538.3627
  • Services: +1.800.863.3364