Traction batteries from the market leader.
Even more attractive with an interesting financing model.

With the decision on the procurement of an investment good, the financing must also be defined. High innovation rhythms, caused by rapid structural and technological change, require an optimal liquidity situation for a company.

Investment financing, therefore, calls for solutions that do not burden the core business. Using the example of the procurement of traction batteries and chargers for industrial trucks, the interesting financing options available at EH Batteries AG, Division Oerlikon Traction Batteries, compared to purchase are shown below.

In addition to the purchase, alternative financing options:

  • Rent with or without deposit
  • Package rental for traction battery and charger
  • Rent-purchase

The following arguments show why the financing model of EH Batterien AG, Division Oerlikon Traction Batteries, is interesting.


Working capital and equity are not blocked

The user thus frees up money that he can use elsewhere, for example for urgent investments, to increase liquidity, to extend credit limits or to expand his business. High capital interest makes the financing model even more interesting.

Fixed costs - for years to come The contractual partner has the costs under control at all times: the manufacturer bears the risk, and repairs and any replacements are at the expense of the supplier. The user knows the rental costs in advance, which makes financial planning easier for them.
Current operating expenses instead of investment costs This relieves the budget and also brings advantages. The rental costs are always recognized as an expense and are therefore tax-free operating costs.
No delay of a necessary procurement The conclusion of a rental agreement is usually easier to manage than the release of an investment loan. Thanks to rent, an investment decision can sometimes be made more quickly.
No issues with traction batteries and chargers Batteries from EH Batterien AG, Division Oerlikon Traction Batteries, are extremely easy to service. Therefore, their cyclic use requires minimal maintenance. Periodic checks by our specialists are included in the rental costs. During the entire rental period, we guarantee that the traction batteries and chargers will perform in accordance with the standards. Should a fault occur, our service technicians with their mobile workshops can be reached immediately throughout Switzerland and will help the user to avoid operational failures.
Renting is economical The purchase of electric vehicles and the associated traction batteries and chargers is an investment that needs to be considered. At first glance, a purchase may seem cheaper. However, if the user lists all ancillary costs - capital expenditure for the investment, maintenance and repair costs for the failures, and their follow-up costs - he will certainly find that the financing model of EH Batteries AG, Division Oerlikon Traction Batteries, is extremely economical.