Batteries and chargers are important components of the logistics process. Malfunctions cause costs and can quickly become expensive. Our service is the solution:

It offers you all the important services related to energy packages and thus guarantees more security for the smooth processing of your work. Regular maintenance by our trained service technicians guarantees you long and problem-free use of our products.


Our services

Competent consulting
We carry out a comprehensive utility value analysis of the energy packs and thus optimize the service life of batteries and chargers.

Battery cleaning
With normal use, the service will clean the batteries once or twice a year.
Your advantage: no loss of capacity due to leakage currents caused by dirty cell surfaces.

Periodic water refill
We refill batteries at the correct time intervals. That pays off: costs and problems caused by overflowing or insufficiently charged batteries are a thing of the past.

Annual check
We reliably check battery status and chargers and create a status report with an inventory overview for budget planning.

Annual service (maintenance)
We offer service contracts tailored to your needs and circumstances so that you no longer have to worry about compliance with test dates, service intervals, and care and maintenance of your energy packages.

With our service team, we offer more security as well as comprehensive and professional maintenance of the energy packs.