Ali's Story


These stories are meant to honor our military veterans and celebrate the commitment each of them made. Veterans' unique life experiences are valued at EnerSys.

Read Ali's story.

How long did you serve?

I joined in 2018 and am currently still serving as a reservist.

What did you do (in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, Guard, or Reserves)?

I joined the 157th Royal Logistic Corp in the 580 squadron as a Human Resources Specialist working towards becoming a Communication Specialist. I am currently still under the 157th but I am changing to the 249th squadron at headquarters.

Why did you choose that branch?

I chose this branch to learn more about HR work within the army and move into the Communication Specialist role and improve my skills in the civilian workplace. Since my day job is in Human Resources, the idea was to learn something new but also relevant while I work with the army.

How did your time in the service influence your current career goals?

Leadership qualities I have learned through the army are helping me achieve my goals at EnerSys. It’s the element of facing challenges and providing the best solutions in difficult times.

How does EnerSys help you achieve those goals?

EnerSys has signed up the Armed Forces Covenant and it shows their deep commitment to supporting Veterans in the workplace. With support from EnerSys, I am able to continue to serve as a reservist and feel supported and encouraged by my team and the culture created within my day-to-day work.