Chad's Story


These stories are meant to honor our military veterans and celebrate the commitment each of them made. Veterans' unique life experiences are valued at EnerSys.

Read Chad's story who served over 20 years in the USAF.

What did you do (in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force, Guard, or Reserves)?

I served in the United States Air force. I spent my first 10 years enlisted as an aircraft electrician. I spent the remaining 10 years commissioned, first, as a transportation officer and then with dual roles: Transportation and Supply Officer. I also served as DCM Executive Officer.

Why did you choose that branch?

I followed my older brother into the Air Force. I saw what he had accomplished in a short time and wanted to see if I could do the same. With strong encouragement from my mother, I chose this route versus going directly to college.

How did your time in the service influence your current career goals?

My Air Force experience allowed me to be a solid member of a winning team. My growth from technical to leadership influenced all my future career goals. I was able to mature and set incremental military and later civilian goals. My travel in the service broadened my perspective on different cultures and I grew a bigger appreciation for my country.

How does EnerSys help you achieve those goals?

EnerSys has provided my family stability with work and home life balance. The other advantage is in my freedom to make meaningful changes at work, as I believe are needed. I’m allowed to lead initiatives that make a difference to EnerSys and the community, such as sustainability and decarbonization efforts.