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Genesis® EP Batteries

Premium high performance Genesis® EP batteries are manufactured with Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) technology, packing more power into a smaller footprint. Genesis EP batteries are suitable for a wide range of physically demanding applications and safe for human environments such as offices and hospitals.
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High power density for demanding applications

Genesis EP batteries are found in applications as diverse as electronics, medical equipment, telecommunications, renewable energy, computer backup and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) applications. In addition to its superior performance characteristics, the Genesis EP battery non-spillable design allows for mounting in any position (except inverted) and excels in high temperature and high vibration environments.

  • Superior high rate discharge capability
  • High reliability and frequency
  • Lower corrosion rates and consistency
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Product Specification

Take a look at the following Genesis® EP product specification:


Medical Standby Power

Emergency Lighting

Alarm & Security Systems

Public Safety Networks

Security & Surveillance

Traffic & Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)


Grid Interactive Systems

Off-Grid Systems

Commercial & Industrial Systems

Technology / Chemistry

Thin plate pure lead

Capacity (Min) - Europe standard


Capacity (Max) - Europe standard


Capacity Europe standard

Ah / C10 / 1.80Vpc / 20°C

Capacity (Min) - US standard


Capacity (Max) - US standard


Voltage (Min)


Voltage (Max)


Power output kW (Min)

348Wpc / 15min / 1.67Vpc / 77F

Power output kW (Max)

4189Wpc / 15min / 1.67Vpc / 77F


Front terminal

Top terminal