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EnerSys Datacell II®

The Datacell II® monitor system provides unparalleled accuracy and is a must for anyone reliant on battery power in a military vehicle. DataCell II provides not only crucial ‘state of charge’ information for vehicle commanders, but also informs them of the time in hours and minutes they can continue to operate for before power runs out.


As well as monitoring batteries, DataCell II can be used to comprehensively manage power on-board. When embedded in a VBMS (Vehicle Battery Management System) it becomes even more powerful and effective, controlling charge delivery, flat battery protection, import and export power and wide range of other critical functions.

  • Ensures vehicle commanders know exactly how much power they have in reserve during missions such as silent watch
  • Avoids unforeseen power shortages and failures (improving crew safety and mission effectiveness)
  • Vastly reduces battery failures as a result of misuse, saving money and keeping vehicles on the move
  • Choice of display options available:
    • LCD monitoring panel
    • Configurable CAN Bus serial interface (SDK)
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Military Vehicles

Communication Capabilities

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