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Atlanta Police Department

Security and Surveillance Case Study


As the largest law enforcement agency in Georgia, the Atlanta Police Department describes themselves as community-oriented with a focus on collaborative problem-solving strategies. The department has recently expanded to over 2,000 police officers covering the city’s 134 square mile area. With such a large force in a major city, the Atlanta Police Department prides themselves on applying cutting-edge technology in the field. Video surveillance throughout the city is considered a high priority. In 2011, they opened their Video Integration Center, utilizing public and private cameras to monitor the city’s streets. However, the police department has struggled both in location options and in budget constraints, due to the lengthy process and higher cost involved in securing sites that require cameras operating on commercial power with LTE / Wi-Fi backhaul.

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Product Application: Security
  • Components: AlphaGateway SMG and security cameras with broadband backhaul